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The family is the foundation of society. Without a society that embraces and promotes the family it will dissolve into chaos and literally cease to exist. A healthy family unit has structure, communication, accountability, generational value and knowledge that leaves a legacy beyond that of any other element of society.

Family comes in all sizes, economic means, and colors. It is a tapestry of people who have not just a blood line connection but an allegiance to each other and dedication to each others wellbeing beyond that of others that pass through our lives. The core of any family family is the mother and father. Today, the roles of mother and father have, in many cases, been diluted. Traditionally, the mother takes on the caregiver role while the father takes on the protector and provider role. With the deterioration of the family unit unfortunately has been playing a role it was not meant to insert itself in. 

The reality of divorce, having children outside of marriage, and absent parents not taking responsibility for the life they have created are all real issues to contend with. Walking away from the most precious responsibility once can take has become to easy and to acceptable by too many, turning social networks that were meant to provide a hand up into taxpayer funded lifestyles without accountability. 

Who's job is it to fix? Ours. It is the responsibility of each of us to hold accountable, teach, lead by example, and walk alongside those that need to find the strength to do the right thing and provide for the life they helped create. We believe we can address this through challenges and celebrate the success through Family, Faith, and Friends.  

We will continue to help define a healthy family and provide ways to support and promote the family unit in this topic of focus for Life. 

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