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Human Trafficking has been around since the start of human existence. Today human trafficking can be separated into 3 categories; sex trade, labor trade, and the human parts trade. Embracing Life and all the opportunities afforded to us both good and bad is part of the human experience and should not be denied. 

Human trafficking has become one of the largest global industries that exists. Billions of dollars are paid every year for forced marriage (adult and children), forced sexual "services", and indentured sex slaves. Elite men and women of means, organized crime, and in some cases governmental sanctioned organizations conduct this trade with both children and adults, here in the United States and around the world. 

The labor trade has seen a marked increase in the United States over the past few years with unsecured borders and worldwide with the use of forced labor in companies that provide agriculture, assembly, mining and more. Forced into conditions that are not safe or healthy, they are the modern industrial slave.

Lastly, the trade of human body parts forcibly removed and derived from human fetuses as a result of abortion has fueled policy and and cultural and moral division here in the U.S.A. and in countries around the world.  

We are proud to help create awareness and promote the upcoming movie, based on a true story, Sound of Freedom. The nationwide release of this film provides a first hand look at human trafficking and the effort to make a difference in stopping it. The link below will help you find your ticket or support the movie in providing a "pay it forward" by purchasing a ticket for someone who may not otherwise be able to see it. Be part of this movement individually, or in a group but please make time to be part of the movement to shed light on this ever growing horrific trade of human beings. 

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